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The most perfect baby bootie ever made

Doesn’t it seem like ALL baby booties should be easy to get on and secure once they’re on? It just makes sense. These are pretty much the only shoes Tavi will wear from now until he’s 2 years old. And they’re on sale, 2-for-1 now!

How to DIY a purty baby bow out of fabric scraps

I didn’t really plan this project. I just thought “Hmm, what can I do with these extra scraps of fabric?” and ended up with this headband idea! Please keep in mind that I measured nothing and am just giving my best guesstimate on the sizes of things. If anyone else tries this and finds better […]

Mixtape Onesie for your little audiophile

As a mixtape maven myself, I would *DIE* to have my little bundle o’ love sporting this cute little onesie. They’re hand screenprinted on 100% cotton so theyre safe and comfy for your wee babes. They’re available in 3 mo., 6 mo., 9 mo., 12 mo. and even toddler sizes, so you have no excuse […]

Onesie decorating that doesn’t suck: a primer for baby shower planners

I’ve been to other onesie-decorating baby showers, and the results have often been disappointing. But as a long-time crafter, I have faith that anyone can make something adorable with the right tools and support.

3 lessons for an awesome offbeat baby shower

When you have a feminist husband, he will micro-manage the baby shower. Dre has prickly sensitivities about gender issues, and impending parenthood has only brought those into sharper focus. We would of course have a co-ed baby shower, but Andreas got upset when people called it “Ariel’s shower.”

Why yes, these are steampunk baby booties

For your little neo-Victorian who needs a pair of spats-styled, multi-buttoned, lace-enhanced shoes for their next dirigible ride, may I present to you the cutest purple steampunk baby booties evar?!

Rock ‘n’ roll baby shoes

I know y’all don’t know me all that well so here’s a little tidbit: I’m married to a rock star. No, women don’t make a habit of throwing their underwear at him whenever he goes out in public, and he never wears mascara anymore, but still. A rock star. He played in a band when […]

Gender neutral clothes & the official palette of newborns

My parents tried to raise me in relatively gender neutral clothing, and I fought it every step of the way. Mom would dress me in brown second-hand cords and yellow tshirts, only to be foiled by my paternal grandmother sending me Little House easter dresses from Sears, which I vastly preferred.