Steampunk dragon coffee table is a thing that is real

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Can we just fucking talk about this steampunk dragon coffee table!? Dude. Yes. Steampunk + dragon + table = OMG FUCKING RAD I DIE. I didn’t even know we lived in a world where steampunk dragons were a thing — let alone that I could rest my damn feet on one. You know, once I shelled out $450.

Just look at this lovely expensive beast of a coffee table and drool with me:

From the product page:

This incredibly cool cold cast glass top table features a huge Steampunk style dragon. The dragon has excellent detailing, from the gears, coils and pivots that make up the dragon’s Cyborg like body to the faux oxidation on the bronze finished parts. It is hand-painted. The table measures 15 inches tall, 21 inches wide and 35 inches long, with a 1/4 inch thick glass top. It makes a great addition to any Steampunk art collection.

Why does this guy look so mad? Doesn’t he know he’s the coolest thing EVER?

The tail is my favorite part. I want to sit underneath this table and stroke its machine-like tail and think about how this ferocious steamdragon is all mine.

And then in those moments when I’m not sitting beneath it, stroking its tail, I can look down on its badass wings and robotic dragon spine and feel like an awesome Bond villain.


This little steampunk dragon coffee table isn’t for sale anymore, it found it’s forever home apparently. But don’t despair! If you search for “dragon coffee table” on Amazon, you’ll find a lot of equally awesome things!

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  1. Bear with me here…can we take a few steps back for a moment please… I ask this with all sincerity: could someone please tell me what a steampunk is??? Maybe I’m too old (im 33, so not quite an antique), maybe I’m to inexperienced (im a Canadian, after all. A rural one at that), but I’ve been seeing all of these references to steampunk on this site and I have no clue what it means…none. I’ve never seen the elusive steampunk, nor heard whispers of them amongst the younger, hipper set in my world. Anyone? Help? I see a dragon that looks all robotic, turned into a coffee table. What’s steamy about it?

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