The black bedroom and bathroom of your delightfully dark dreams

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Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomTabatha has been working HARD on her master bedroom — starting from the studs up — and it’s finally finished. It’s dark and beautiful and FULL of gothy inspiration. Now this is how one does a BLACK home decor…

Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomTabatha took out the closet doors on either side of the bed and used bolts of dark fabric instead.

Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomI never would have thought to pair a black dresser (transformed by glossy oil paint, small trim, and glass knobs) with a black wall, but it looks great! Also, points for the sassy Audrey print.

Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomSpeaking of wall art, this room is topped off with — what else? — a black and white gallery wall. I think my favorite is the framed white key. Or as Tabatha calls it, “Our gallery wall of lurve featuring finds from Etsy, Fab, our local thrift stores, our engagement photos, and some of my own graphic design.”

Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomGotta love this dresser “moment.”

Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomBut the fabulously dark black action doesn’t stop in the bedroom, it continues into the bathroom, which is separated by this black open shelving unit.

Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomI love the tile work in here! And the pop of red from that clawfoot tub? Amazeballs.

Boudoir Noir & Jewelbox BathroomEven the toilet’s in on the black and white action. And I have to say, loving the purple towels and that great swirly bathmat.

I’m sure, if you ask real nice, Tabatha will answer any questions you have about going black…

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  1. Yay! We actually built those closets … So there were never doors because they’re super skinny and tall to fit the bed between them. But thanks so much for posting this!

    • I was going to ask about the closets. LOVE them. We recently added tall shelves to either side of and across the top of the bed. Something about the space between the bed and the walls being all filled in really appeals to me.

      I saw the bathroom pics in the flickr pool and at first I thought it was a b&w shot and you just added the color of the bathtub on the computer. Fantastic job!

      Did I read correctly that the bathroom and bedroom are separated ONLY by the open shelving unit?

  2. I’m not brave enough to do such a dark color but this is absolutely breathtaking. I actually thought the pics were in black and white until I got to the first one with exposed brick. Love the chandelier action as well as the damask.

  3. Wowza. I’m in awe. I’m currently trying to think up a good excuse to use on my husband for painting our bedroom black… These really are gorgeous rooms, what a great job!

  4. First thought: I really love it
    Second thought: Really more of a sidelong look at my cat and dog and wondering how they’d take to being shaved…….

  5. Black has been my favourite colour since I was a child – so I must say, wow! Just wow, that was simply amazing 🙂 and I will also say yes to the red tub <3

  6. At first I just skimmed through the pictures and thought that they were just black and white photos of a nice room, then I saw the brick and realized that I’d better read the text to see what this is all about!
    Very cool!

  7. LOVE this so hard. That red tub makes me swoon!! But mostly I love how it is supa dark, but not at all gloomy! Its actually quite vibrant and full of life. Love love… love love love!!!

  8. Wow, this is B&W done RIGHT! I’m usually not a fan because the results are too metro/modern, and i prefer a more antique look… but I am absolutely in love with these brick and tile details…. *want*

  9. It’s rooms like this that make me so excited to own my own place! I love the black and with the amount of hair dye I fling around my bathroom it’s just brilliant!!!




    • I’m sorry. I get caught up in euphoria and didn’t make any sense.

      Your house/apartment is amazing and I applaud you for attaining the most epic and beautiful rooms IN EXISTENCE OF EVER. Except for maybe Hogwarts.

  11. Not going to lie, this is one cool master suite! Coming here from your other post on your previous owners finding the blog, I agree that it’s going to take someone special to inherit it next (unless you redo it before selling it), but in the mean time, it’s YOU and it’s awesome.

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