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Slay this dragon… with your mouth

In the next chapter of “Megan is obsessed with dragons,” we have the dragon cake pan! As one of my friends put it, “This year’s batch of rum cakes will be especially epic.”

A 100-year-old house in the middle of a West Virginia college town

We live in the middle of a college campus: it surrounds our neighborhood on three sides. We’re part of the few owner-occupied hold outs, trying to keep a nice home, surrounded by college rentals. While our neighborhood poses unique challenges — such as random frat boys passed out on our porch, and beer cans in our yard every weekend — it has amazing perks.

Mother fucking dragon faucet in your mother fucking bathroom

First it was the steampunk dragon coffee table. Then it was barfing storm drain dragons. Then it was Zippy the dragon mailbox. Now I’m continuing my search for helpful home dragons with the mother-fucking dragon faucet!

Zippy the dragon mailbox that delivers newspapers!

Remember when I introduced you to the barfing dragon drain spouts? Guess what popped up on our radar afterwards… Allow me to introduce you to the Zippy the newspaper delivering mail dragon! He’s totally on sale on Amazon right now for (wait for it) $194.07. But, honestly, if I had an actual house that needed […]

Make your rain gutters more exciting by harnessing the power of barfing dragons

You know what your gutter needs? A fucking dragon barfing water at the bottom of it! Yup, dragon rainspout statues are a thing.

Steampunk dragon coffee table is a thing that is real

Dude. Yes. Steampunk + dragon + table = OMG FUCKING RAD I DIE. I didn’t even know we lived in a world where steampunk dragons were a thing — let alone that I could rest my damn feet on one. You know, once I shelled out $450.