So these exist: wagons as garden lounges

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YOU GUYS. Somewhere in the world, there exists more than one Roma wagon converted into a garden house.

Jeanne Bayol and Jean-Marie Marechal live in France, where they rehab beauties like this one for a more stationary, but no less romantic life.

I feel like I’ve died and gone to Eat, Pray, Love. See more photos on this Swedish design website and revel. Revel your heart out.

Comments on So these exist: wagons as garden lounges

  1. A few years back I had a sociology class on habitation, and one girl held a talk about people living on the street or in waggons. Many of them, it appears, when they settle down, keep their waggon around as a refuge.

    That’s a pretty rad waggon, by the way.

    • My family used to tell stories about European-style gypsies traveling through Nebraska. I know, right? This was first-hand info, though; my grandfather told me he used to let them stay on their farm land. I’ve always wondered where those wagons ended up.

  2. This reminds me of the book, “Bed in a Tree.” It features La Serve in France, which allows you to sleep in your own gypsy wagon! There’s a range of places they describe from a gorgeous underwater hotel (that costs $8000!) to caves, prison, etc…so far we’ve just stuck with treehouses on our vacations.

  3. I think my HOA would freak out about it, but I would loooove to have one of these. I would dress in breezy skirts every day, and my son and I would go out and have tea in it.

  4. That’s in Sweden? I wonder what they do with it, come winter?

    Do the sides close up completely, or do they just have to empty it before the snow flies?

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