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Illuminate your next party with these glowing summer garden lights

Illuminate your next garden party with these glowing summer party lights

UK readers: this one’s for you! We’ve partnered with a seriously fun company that sells every kind of light you can imagine — from lighted bottle coolers to cool patio lights to sleek and modern lighting for your home. We decided to highlight a few of our favorites for a roundup of summer party lights for your summer BBQs and chic evening soirees indoors or outdoors.

Here are some to peruse…

hammocks for everyone

Lounge-y hammocks for everyone from babies to kitties to grown-ass adults

When it’s hot outside and all you want to do is sit in the shade with a big ol’ margarita, is there a better way to go than swinging in a hammock? I think the answer is no. Whether you’re an adult looking to spoon in a cocoon, a baby in need of a cuddly swing, or a cat looking for yet another place to lounge (don’t you have enough beds?! Nope.), there’s a hammock for you.

Let’s peruse some ultra lounge-y hammocks for everyone on your summer gift list…

funny welcome doormats

Give your package delivery guy a giggle with these funny welcome mats

Whether you want to entertain your friends or (like me) only get visits by Amazon and solicitors, you’ll be setting the right tone with one of these funny welcome mats. I don’t even know which one I’d pick: I have cats, my home is barely okay, I love Joanna Gaines, and a good pun never goes astray. Help me decide by chiming in with your fave.

We don’t believe in walls: living in a bubble

believe in walls, and it seems that Pierre Stephan Dumas doesn’t, either. He designed these bubble rooms for for Attrap’Reves in France. They’re at once fantastical, like dew drops in an enchanted forest, and futuristic, like terraforming colonies with airlocks.

Gifts for the outdoorsy and adventurous types who won’t tell you what they want

Bird asked: “Anyone have ideas for what to get outdoorsy and fairly minimalist people?” Ooh ooh! Me! I do! I LOVE shopping for outdoorsy people because the products are usually so useful and creative, and then creatively useful. Here are my favorites for all the outdoorsy, adventurous, and travel-fiend types — brothers, sisters, parents, best friends, co-workers, etc.

Turn your fireplace into a light show with rainbow fire crystals

Add some rainbow to your fireplace with Rainbow Flame Crystals. Ooh, or how could would this rainbow light show be for your outdoor fire pit!? Just sprinkle these crystals on your fire place, wood stoves or campfires — the colored flames last for about 10 to 40 minutes.

Making your own seat cushions? Make sure to add a matching footstool!

This photo, that I found nestled in an Airbnb listing for a funky cabin in Idyllwild, CA, gave me some inspiration for pimping out your deck chairs — matching puffy foot stools!

Make water balloon piñatas for a warm weather party

When hot weather strikes, water balloons are awesome, especially when you’re having a drought (like a lot of us in the U.S.) and don’t have the water to fill up a pool or turn on the sprinklers. But even more fun: hanging them up like piñatas!