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Gift your friends an early start on festival gear with these dried flower crowns

Over on Offbeat Bride, we featured a whole slew of fanciful dried flower crowns for weddings that can easily be worn every day, at closer-than-you-think spring and summer festivals, and wherever you like. Like, sitting on your couch eating cheesy poofs looking magical AF. Here’s a quick preview of some of my faves…

Tiny, gothic-meets-nerdy-meets-bohemian apartment in the middle of Amish country

We live in a medium-sized town, that is situated in the middle of Amish country in Pennsylvannia. Our home is unique due to the fact that is a two bedroom with five people. My husband, myself, and our three children. Our two son’s (ages 11 and 4) share the big bedroom, while our daughter has the smaller bedroom. My husband and I sleep on a king sized mattress on the floor that doubles as a very large couch during the day.

From Ye Olde Shack to luxurious Bohemian Bed Den

Remember when Naomi asked for your help in re-decorating her boring ‘ol bed nook? You’d hardly recognize it now! Homies, you give some good advice. Check out what you inspired…

Eclectic, contemporary, Dallas townhouse filled with art from around the world

f you’re decorating tastes are more on the eclectic, bohemian, artistic, and wordly side, you’re going to draw a LOT of inspiration from the interior of this contemporary Dallas townhouse that was recently on the market. I’m digging the kitchen cabinets something fierce.

Colors and patterns like WHOA on this DIYed, Bohemian-style dresser

Check out this fucking brilliant before and after highboy dresser action from mollykb. Quite the dramatic change, no? This makeover says I’ll see your “fresh paint” upgrade and double down on some patterns and funky knobs. Thankfully she explained how she accomplished this Bohemian dresser look.

How we created a co-sleeping minimalist hippy bedroom!

How on earth can you create a minimalist bedroom with hippy decorating tendencies? Especially when you happen to be a family of co-sleepers who resides in a 100+ year-old cottage.

I know. You’ve probably wondered this question A THOUSAND TIMES. Wonder no longer, dearest. I’m here and I’m happy to help!

A punk-bohemian curl-up-and-read rental in Lawrence, Kansas

Alexa, Sean, Max the cat, and an unborn child of an unknown gender live in a one-bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, one of the Midwest’s secret bastions of art.

So these exist: wagons as garden lounges

YOU GUYS. Somewhere in the world, there exists more than one Roma wagon converted into a garden house.

Jeanne Bayol and Jean-Marie Marechal live in France, where they rehab beauties like this one for a more stationary, but no less romantic life.