Create a rustic shelf on the cheap and easy

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Right: Rustic shelf from Modcloth for $30. Left: Shower caddy from discount store for $7.
Left: Rustic shelf from Modcloth for $30. Right: Shower caddy from discount store for $7.

A little while ago I introduced you to some awesome rustic-style shelving units. One smarty-pants Offbeat Homie Meg mentioned that she turned a shower caddy into the much cheaper version of ModCloth’s vintage-inspired shelf. Here’s how…

shower caddy shelf

About a year ago I bought a cheap over-the-shower-head shelf thing from a discount store and hung it on my bathroom wall. It holds my perfume, hair products, contact solution, etc, and has little hooks on the bottom that were supposed to be for loofahs but which I use for a hand towel and my necklaces.

Total cost, probably $7 for the shelf thing and pocket change for the tiny screw hooks I used to attach it to the wall.

wall hangers

While the rustic shelving units out there average about $50, there are some awesome shower caddies available on Amazon for around $15! And these could work perfectly in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere you need some extra storage.

Hell yeah, shower caddy shelf hack!

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  1. More fun with shower caddies! I used a two tier white one in my old apartment on the wall in the kitchen to hold fruit!

  2. I love shelves of any shapes and sizes. I think they make the best storage solutions that provide extra space without consuming additional floor area. All it needs is your wall space which is often under or not utilized at all. You can create levels and levels of storage space and customize each level’s height according to your own needs. You can also use the materials which you deem suitable for the purpose that you are looking for like plastic or stainless steel for the bathroom and so on.

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