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Birch please: 12 home decor items that’ll give you wood

You know what’s awesome right now? The natural wood/wood grain trend. Maybe it’s the work from home Hobbit in me, but I love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. From pillows that’ll help you to “saw logs,” to shower curtains that’ll make you feel like you’re bathing in the forest… Let’s explore some home decor items that’ll give you wood.

Create a rustic shelf on the cheap and easy

A little while ago I introduced you to some awesome rustic-style shelving units. One smarty-pants Offbeat Homie Meg mentioned that she turned a shower caddy into the much cheaper version of ModCloth’s vintage-inspired shelf. Here’s how…

Rustic and comfortable “found object”-styled Ontario home

My husband and I moved into our first home in October 2012, and we only bought FOUR things to decorate it. Almost all our furniture and housewares were either wedding presents, bought with wedding money or we already owned. We feel like our home has a “found object” look that some people strive for.

Adorable log cabin cloffice space

Y’all probably know that I love me a good cloffice (closet-turned-office space). But I’m pleased as punch over my friend Eve’s cloffice in her log cabin on the island of Maui that looks fit for fairies!

Robert Redford’s rustic cabin dream house is for sale and OMG YOU GUYS I LOVE HIM

My infatuation with Robert Redford goes back about a decade to when I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for the first time and promptly watched all of his movies in the span of one summer. But in all the time I’ve loved him it’s never occurred to me to Google where he lives. Does that sound creepy? Because I don’t mean for it to.

A Belgian B&B fit for a rogue’s gallery of guests

This week Ariel and I fawned over a little trojan horse-style B&B somewhere in Belgium. It looks like it’s the mobile home of a band of mysterious, roguish, magical minstrels. I look at its starry night bedroom and twisted-wood lounges and sigh.

How can I display my collection of anthropological souvenirs?

I’m an anthropologist. I have collected a bunch of ridiculous souvenirs that, at the time, seemed like a good idea to lug back home. Some of my challenges include a Masai spear and a delicately beaded belt.

A craftsman’s fairy tale cottages built with reclaimed materials

Don’t let kids have all the fun: these flights of fancy aren’t just for playhouses. They also make sweet guest houses and saunas.