We haven’t taken a day to hang out in the forest for a while, and since it’s just good medicine, let’s do that. I’d like to introduce you to Romero Studios, a treehouse-building husband and wife team which has traveled around the world, spreading treehouses, gardens, and sculptures using 98% reclaimed materials.

You should ABSOLUTELY go to the Romero Studios site and cruise through all these photos — they have a crazy variety of staircases, trap doors, finished and unfinished walls, and stained glass windows.

Some of these houses are built into cliffs, others overlook lakes, some are in rainforests. …You know what? I’ve said enough. Just enjoy a couple more cherry-picked photos.

YAY. TREEHOUSES! Go see dozens more photos of treehouses, sculptures, and gardens at RomeroStudios.com.

Comments on Ultra-natural, high-design treehouses from around the world

  1. My husband and I stayed in a tree house recently, it was a wedding gift from my boss. The one we stayed in is not made from reclaimed materials but they are very cool and completely round. They are on Vancouver Island, BC Canada, Tom and Rosey the owners of Free Spirit Spheres are lovely people.
    It worth having a look at, I had no idea there is such a vast amount tree house culture around the world until we stayed there.

  2. I dream of someday moving to the woods and building my very own Swiss Family Robinson pad!
    In college my NorCal friends told me there are UC Santa Cruise students called ‘Treesies’ who live in lean-tos and treehouses in the sequoia woods that boarder the campus.

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