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Color blocked, Mondrian-style, Skittles-paletted mid-century home decor

I am losing my shit over this impeccably restored period home in Denver, Colorado. Not only is the home a mid-century modern dream, but it’s been decorated — inside AND out — in color-blocked, Mondrian-style, using a Skittles palette colors of bright reds, yellows, greens, and oranges.

If you’d like to be schooled on color-block decor, come drool all the fuck over this 1952 ranch home.

Star Trek and Star Wars sent up in stained glass

Homies, meet AidanT, stained glasser of your nerdy fantasies. He makes not JUST Trekkie windows, but also beautiful homages to other beloved sci-fi properties. Wait until you see a very special Doctor Who allusion…

How much would you pay for Cincinnati’s Mushroom House?

In 1998, architect Terry Brown set out to build his most artful designs into his new house in Ohio. It’s full of pounded-metal floors, irregular stained glass windows, and weaving, winding, brightly painted paths and handrails…and I think you could get this house for a steal.

How to hang paper collections, a miniature castle, and turquoise walls in this week’s reader photos

Start your week with our collection of interesting articles on the web and photos from our readers. This week: see a revolutionary stained glass window and a mural on the side of a home. In these Clicky Links you’ll find lots of sites to waste a little time on — and new perspectives on roommates with bad habits.

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A Gaudi-inspired sparkly art nouveau summer house

This is the story of the Russian-style summer house I crafted in my backyard in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In ten months, and for less than £5,000, I took it from clay model a to stained-glassed, mosaiced den place to drink a Guiness whilst foxes run in the garden.

Ultra-natural, high-design treehouses from around the world

We haven’t taken a day to hang out in the forest for a while, and since it’s just good medicine, let’s do that. I’d like to introduce you to Romero Studios, a treehouse-building husband and wife team which has traveled around the world, spreading treehouses, gardens, and sculptures using 98% reclaimed materials.

For sale: two bedroom flat in a 130-year old church, complete with arched ceilings

Come in! Enjoy the views of this UK apartment: its green lawn, its cathedral ceilings, its stone window casings. Picture yourself in this special home in the countryside.