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This Seattle home comes with a three-story treehouse built into the deck

It’s not often — wait — it’s usually NEVER that I’d say one of the best selling features of a home is the unfinished treehouse built into the deck that looks like it might fall apart at any minute. Until you see the the unfinished treehouse built into the deck that looks like it might fall apart at any minute in this Seattle real estate listing

Italian treehouse with the peekaboo bathroom

Sometimes I take virtual vacations via Airbnb, and often find myself in some of the coolest spots imaginable. This time I journied to the heart of Tuscany to find a treehouse called The Black Cabin with the sexiest bathroom shower stall setup I’ve ever seen.

Lakeside treehouse by Roderick Romero Studios

Let’s all take a moment to dream about a visit to this phenomenal treehouse built in Lake Spectacle, CT, by Roderick Romero Studios. Oh, and if Roderick’s name sounds familiar, that might mean you remember Sky Cries Mary. Dude used to do this, but now he builds treehouses.

And what treehouses they are…

Rick and Annie’s handbuilt treehouse in Australia

What would it be like to inhabit a normal-sized home that’s actually a treehouse? Now we know. We picked up a friend of ours and offered her a ride, and we didn’t know we were in for such a treat when we got to her destination!

Treehouses and houses in trees ranging from faerie fantasy to smooth and futuristic

Sometimes Pinterest boards are so chock-full of crazy amazing design and weird home goodness that I know we all just need to take a few minutes to admire them and their curators. Interior designer Sarah Kelly has one such board: all about tree houses — both the kind built in the tree and the kind built of a tree.

Ultra-natural, high-design treehouses from around the world

We haven’t taken a day to hang out in the forest for a while, and since it’s just good medicine, let’s do that. I’d like to introduce you to Romero Studios, a treehouse-building husband and wife team which has traveled around the world, spreading treehouses, gardens, and sculptures using 98% reclaimed materials.

Treehouse fantasy break time!

Oh, I’d love to look out the window and see swaying redwood branches. How do you think you’d handle thunderstorms in a house like this?