These maternity photos are about to redefine what it means to be badass

Updated Oct 12 2015

A week or two ago, UK photographer Emma, of Emma Lucy Photography, sent over these photos of Penny, who is now my hero for life. The photos would be awesome even if Penny wasn't pregnant in them, but the fact that she is = a whole new level of incredible.

I'm pregnant! What of it? All photos by Emma Lucy Photography.

Sparkly heels! Purple leggings!
And a peace sign. DYING.
OH, seriously, darling. I'm fabulous all the time.

Aaaand… relax.

You can also see more at Emma Lucy's blog!

  1. I LOVE that last one! Got her baby belly out on the bus! That's whats up! OOo, and I love that her name is Penny! That's my daughter's name! Tehe1

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