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These maternity photos are about to redefine what it means to be badass

A week or two ago, UK photographer Emma, of Emma Lucy Photography, sent over these photos of Penny, who is now my hero for life. The photos would be awesome even if Penny wasn’t pregnant in them, but the fact that she is = a whole new level of incredible.

How to get a sickness-prone preemie home on public transportation

Having a preemie at home during any season is hard — it can be a challenge to explain to friends and family why they very seriously have to wash their hands as soon as they enter, or why you really can’t come over for a few weeks. If your preemie was born with a chronic lung condition or weakened immune system, it’s difficult to not be scared of absolutely everything or everyone he or she might come into contact with. I know from first-hand experience: my son Jasper was born two months early in 2009, and spent a month in the NICU.

I’ll be traveling on mass transit with my baby — what should I keep in mind?

Does anybody have any extensive experience navigating mass transit with a baby (and everything that goes with the baby) in tow? I don’t want to become the woman with the huge stroller on the bus who all the other passengers hate!