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Rainbow-hued & colorful holiday cards to brighten up mailboxes everywhere

If you’re just getting to sending out those holiday cards to your nearest and dearest, you may be stumped for what kind to send. Might we suggest: sugar brightly hued, rainbow covered, and intensely merry holiday cards? From unicorn-pulled sleighs to “reinbows” (yep, that’s a portmanteau for rainbow reindeer!) to making the yuletide gay rainbow-style, there are colorful holiday cards in your future.

Let’s find the best colorful card for you on this long winter’s night. Er day. Whenever you’re reading this…

Shame kept me from sending single parent Christmas cards

Why over a decade of holiday seasons have come and gone without a Christmas card from us is complicated.

Actually it’s not! It’s because of shame; plain and simple.

I ended up feeling like I didn’t have a “right,” or we weren’t “enough of a family” to send one out. Like it was a feeling that we weren’t complete. Like somehow we were less of a family because there wasn’t a second parent, or even another child. Just me and her. Just. Only.

12 cute but not eye-roll-cutesy baby shower thank you notes

Here’s the question: “My little guy is due in July, but I’m already starting to get shower gifts. I want to be prompt with the Thank You notes, but pretty much all “baby” notes are cutesy — which is fine, but not me. Do you have any recommendations for notes that are still baby-based but not so saccharine?”

Here’s the solution…

No power in the ‘verse can stop my love for this Firefly-themed love note

First, our super-crafty Homie “dull-roar” shared with us her spooky Halloween crochet project, now she shared with us her hand-made Valentine a la Firefly.

Where can I get geeky holiday cards?

Where can I find really nice geeky holiday cards? I want to order them in bulk to send out to my whole address list, but most of what I find on Etsy is photo cards (which my partner begged me not to make him do, at least until we have kids) or single cards that are $3.50/piece.

3 options for easy and relatively non-cheezy holiday greeting cards

Can you imagine what it must have been like to be offbeat and try to send holiday cards 15 years ago? I can picture the aisles of stationary stores, where a sad looking proto-hipster can’t find a box of holiday cards to fit his family. Hokey Christmas angel? Goofy reindeer poop humor? He picks up box after box of beautiful cards, but they just don’t feel right.

Thank you, internet, for solving this problem for us. Now you have fine-grain control over precisely how sappy or serious or nerded out or swear-filled your end-of-year cards are. These three services will get you started on making a card PERFECT for your household.

No damage moose antler decor, a rainbow of handmade owls, and a bevvy of LEGO-related Clicky Links

Start your week with our collection of interesting articles on the web and photos from our readers. In these Clicky Links you’ll find lots of sites to waste a little time on — ALL ABOUT LEGO.

Click through, too, to find our links on submitting YOUR stuff to Offbeat Home!

Moving announcements devoid of flowery language and sentimentality

New address notices are so often overlooked even though they’re SO FUN to send. But most of them? They’re all floral la-dee-da and decorative words about the warmth of home — which is great, but that might not feel right for you. Take a look at these ideas for cheeky (HA!) and less-than-usual moving announcements for your next move.