Color-changing showerhead: Shower yourself in rainbows!

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Color Changing Showerhead NozzleI know a lot of you (including me) totally dug the color-changing faucets in this modern faucet roundup. That’s why I couldn’t help but show y’all that you can now shower under a rainbow of colors with the color-changing showerhead nozzle.

From the Amazon listing:

The rainbow LED colors light up using the power of water pressure, cycling every two seconds from red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange and violet. These rainbow lights and water combine to provide a calming and revitalizing effect on body and soul.

Calming, revitalizing, whatever — you can wash yourself with a fucking rainbow! It’s what I like to imagine a shower for My Little Ponies would be like. And it looks like there are a lot of them to choose from, ranging from $10 – $40.

Rainbow showers for ALL!

Comments on Color-changing showerhead: Shower yourself in rainbows!

  1. In reading the reviews, it seems like it doesn’t do a rainbow like the photo, but a cycle of solid red, then solid blue, etc. So instead of a prism, its like a multi colored strobe light. might be less relaxing and more naked steamy club night in the shower stall.

  2. This is so cool looking! But I think actually showering in it would freak me out. I would have a hard time convening my brain that the waster was not ACTUALLY colored and would leave me clean and not stain my skin:p

  3. I have one for my kitchen faucet. Love it, everyone who sees it loves it.
    I thought showering in it might be a bit much, especially for those days after the night before.
    Super cool in the kitchen though!

  4. My spouse and I got this one as a gift…it seems like a situation where you get what you pay for. Maybe a more expensive one would be cool. It hums kinda loud and it also changes so quickly it’s like showering with a strobe light.

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