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13 elephant shower curtains you’ll never forget

Who knew that elephants looks so damn good in the shower!? Wanna see 13 awesome elephant shower curtains? Of course you do. (The last two are my favorites!)

An open letter to the Sir Catspian shower curtain

Oh hai, Sir Catspian shower curtain! I just met you and I’m in love with you. Maybe it’s your suit of armor, or the fact that you’re riding a freaking narwhal like a horsie. Or perhaps it’s just the expression of pure (purr?) joy on your face…

“Generic Giraffe Riding Shark Never Stop Dreaming”!?

This shower curtain looks like it was put together by my unconscious mind while I was candy flipping on an overnight stay at the San Diego Zoo.

8 sloth shower curtains that make life worth living

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? That right there is a stripper sloth making it rain… on a shower curtain. I never knew that my life was missing something until I saw this magical item… that exists in the world… and can be purchased… and hung in my bathroom. There are so many more amazing sloth shower curtains to be purchased and hung. Check these out…

Forest animal-inspired bathroom decor for the wild at home

Much like with my last bathroom theme post, I was inspired by a shower curtain to create this inspiration board. From there, I scoured the web for the cutest forest animals fit for a bathroom. Let these porcupines, bears, foxes, and birdies help you get ready every morning… like a mother fucking Disney princess!

Shower curtains: Make your bathroom shine without paint

Cary asked: “My new husband, and I rent a heritage house in Vancouver BC. Unfortunately, the bathroom has been subjected to a cost-conscious (rather than a design-conscious) refurbishment. It functions perfectly well, but it brings us down to have to go into such a ugly place each morning. Surely there’s something we can do that goes beyond painting to make it a less utilitarian space.”

Yes! There is! My easy answer is: get an awesome shower curtain and invest in matching accessories. Here are a few of my favorite shower curtains full of personality.

Whales, ships, tentacles, and mermaids! My new shower curtain rules

I’ve had my eye on Danica Studio “Odyssey” Shower Curtain for months, but it’s always been sold out. (For obvious reasons of fucking awesomeness.) But it came back in stock recently and I jumped on it. I’m super excited that I did.

Color-changing showerhead: Shower yourself in rainbows!

I know a lot of you (including me) totally dug the color-changing faucets in this modern faucet roundup. That’s why I couldn’t help but show y’all that you can now shower under a rainbow of colors with the color-changing showerhead nozzle.