Two mamas, lots of tattoos, and a guitar

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I get super giddy about love and babies pretty easily, but this particular session exceeded my giddy limit and pushed me straight over to “OMG, MUST FEATURE NOW!” mode. I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why as soon as you see this first photo:


A hummingbird tattoo AND zebra stripes? There’s so much fantasticness in this shot!

YES. Riot Grrl meets beloved children’s book? This baby is already on track to being the coolest ultra-imaginative feminist around.


Obligatory baby belly shot!

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Comments on Two mamas, lots of tattoos, and a guitar

  1. These are adorable! There is so much love in these shots. I especially liked the one with the guitar (okay, bass)-I can imagine them playing music for the baby to hear in the womb. <3

  2. Wow! Thanks for the kind words all. My wife and I are so, so thrilled with how amazing these photos are. Our photographer, Zoe Gemelli, ROCKS! Neither of us really like having our pictures taken in general, but we felt super comfortable and beautiful with Zoe.

    For the record, we’re in Toronto (you can see just a little bit of the top of the CN Tower if you look closely), and yes, I have a tattoo of my bicycle + books. 🙂

  3. ZOMG!! *falls over dead*

    Ok…back alive and still totally in love with these pictures. WOW WOW WOW!! I am stoked to see such awesome diversity and exposure to all sorts of cool things happening before the baby is even born. Just so rockin!

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