Pushba’s maternity photos

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I know I should try to curb my Pushba obsession, and I swear I would … if I found photos of moms like this ANYWHERE else online.

More of photos (one semi-NSFW) below…

Photo by Alla Kiba

Photo by Alla Kiba

Seriously, where are all the other goth-rock moms hiding their amazing professional maternity photography?! Enlighten me!

Thanks again to Alla Kiba for this amazing shoot. Lots more mind-blowing portraits on Alla’s website.

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  1. I know for a fact that even in my most non-pregnant states I could never pull off those shoes! This + OBB’s Eastern European wedding week REALLY makes me want to visit the “old country” my grandparents are so fond of. Although I’m willing to bet they never saw anything like this when they were children 😉

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