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How I express my offbeat self in my onbeat career?

How I find ways to express my offbeat self in my onbeat career

I’m a total Offbeater in an Onbeat career. I’m the business interface and management for a group of engineers in Tech in the Silicon Valley. And unless you can break the sound barrier on amazing code, your work clothes had better be “business casual.” Since I am the business interface, I find myself even more pigeonholed into looking more “corporate” than I’d prefer. I find little ways to express my offbeatness though…

How to dress as a goth at work in a corporate workplace

Corporate goth – 10 tips for feeling authentic at work

If you’re into goth fashion and also starting a new job and need to slowly introduce yourself to unfamiliar coworkers, it can be a challenge to merge your style with their corporate culture. Or maybe you’ve been unsure about how much of your true fashion self you really can express at work, and you’re looking to combine your work and play wardrobes more. Here’s what I’ve learned about how to dress as a goth at work…

Throw this creepy but elegant goth dinner party

When planning this super creepy goth dinner party, I wanted to avoid the kitschy, usual food you see at Halloween parties: the hot dog “fingers,” the mummy pigs in a blanket… I wanted food that was elegant and still tasty!

These are the creepy things I will serve you if you ever come to eat at my house…

The most bad-ass, not-cheesy Halloween decor you’ll see all season

I re-shared this photo with the coolest studded pumpkin EVAR! And one of you guys informed me: Um, hello Megan, that’s also from Target.

OF COURSE IT IS! And you know what else? Target has some of the most bad-ass, not cheesy Halloween decor right now. Check this shit out…

Put the fun back in funeral: I threw a surprise birthday funeral for my metamour

Kitty is my metamour — Chris’s other partner — and a passionate devotee to all things dark, grotesque, and twisted. As her birthday falls on New Year’s Eve, so she very rarely has a birthday party of her own. I decided to remedy this with a surprise birthday party (no, a surprise birthday funeral!) two weeks before her birthday to really catch her off-guard. Here’s how we pulled it off…

When Offbeat Mama met Pushba

For those of you following Offbeat Mama on Facebook or Twitter, you probably saw my excited notes about how I was going to New York to meet my longtime internet obsession, Pushba. When she told me in early September that she’d be heading to New York, I gathered up my frequent flyer miles and flew out…

Swedish goth moms blog too, y’all

We got a link a few weeks ago from reader Tearsong about Adora BatBrat, a “self-proclaimed goth version of Martha Stewart.” SAY WHAAAAAAAAAT! She’s named her kids after synthesizers (Synthia, Fairlight, and TeeBee), and blogs about everything from having a goth party for her eight-year-old to being a model, so a lot of ground is covered.

Pushba’s maternity photos

I know I should try to curb my Pushba obsession, and I swear I would … if I found photos of moms like this ANYWHERE else online.