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Pushba’s son turns 1 with the most awesome birthday cake I’ve ever seen

Generally when you think of a kid’s birthday cake topper you probably imagine a number candle or some kind of toy the kid is into, right? Well… what about putting a baby on it?

When Offbeat Mama met Pushba

For those of you following Offbeat Mama on Facebook or Twitter, you probably saw my excited notes about how I was going to New York to meet my longtime internet obsession, Pushba. When she told me in early September that she’d be heading to New York, I gathered up my frequent flyer miles and flew out…

Surprisingly and delightfully traditional photos of Pushba

Best as I can decipher, these photos by of Pushba were featured in a Ukrainian gallery in a photography exhibit focused on breastfeeding. While they are indeed lovely photos of Pushba nursing her son, I’m also completely tickled by the more traditional clothing she’s wearing. It’s my beloved freaky Pushba in a floral scarf!

Pushba and her son Elisha, celebrating!

Google Translator says this is “Extract from the hospital,” but to me it looks like Pushba and her son Elisha getting discharged and celebrating their escape from the hospital!

Pushba had her baby!

Because how could I not report the birth of my favorite Russian mama’s second child?! From what I can tell from Google Translator, Pushba gave birth last week to a health boy named Elisey via emergency c-section.

Pushba in Mamasan

What happens when you bring together longtime Offbeat Mama icon Pushba and longtime Offbeat Mama sponsor Mamasan Maternity? This hotness…

Pushba’s maternity photos

I know I should try to curb my Pushba obsession, and I swear I would … if I found photos of moms like this ANYWHERE else online.

Catching up with Pushba and Lada

Time for another chapter in the ongoing saga of “Ariel’s long-distance Russian mama-crush.” Yep, new pictures of the stunning (and pregnant!) Pushba and her daughter Lada.