party in a boxFormer Tribesmaid moderator and frequent Offbeat Home contributor, Mich, explained:

I keep all the stuff we need for a bbq in an old wine crate: plastic plates, forks, napkins, grill tongs, party cups and of course, balls for beer pong! It makes hosting BBQs of any size so much simpler, because I don’t need to run around gathering stuff. I just pull out this box and we’re ready to go!

EXCELLENT idea! If it was a party box at my house, it’d be full of all the same stuff, including Go Plates and, instead of beer pong balls, there’d be Nerf guns and ammo refills.

What would be in YOUR “party in a box”?

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  1. My best friend’s dad used to do something similar. He filled an old returnable beer bottle case (indestructible!) with everything he needed for a day on the river and called it his “action packer “.

    I feel like we have succeeded as humans today.
    Our house is ground zero for a million billion events and parties, so I started keeping a plastic bin with the “oft used” things. Nothing fancy, just paper plates, napkins, cups, chopsticks, serving trays, some speakers for outside,a couple lighters, salt, pepper– just those little “oh, where the eff is ____” things to make parties a little easier.

  3. I have this for a couple of different types of events actually, in two medium sterlite plastic bins I have a small BBQ grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, rolled up newspaper and the BBQ tools and in another I have all the picnic supplies like plates, utensils, serving spoons glasses and random fancy napkins that say things like happy halloween and graduation 2011 that I got for $.20 a pack. I also host other get togethers and help friends host them so I have another with all the dishes except plain napkins, serving utensils of all types, large dollarstoreserving bowls and aluminum pans of all sizes which I use to make stuff

    • Also I collect containers that I don’t mind leaving at people’s houses like $1 serving dishes and gallon ice cream containers.
      I also have a milk crate with stuff like drink mix of all kinds to go with the 30 cup percolator I got at goodwill for $7

  4. I LOVE my party box.

    No matter who drops in, we are ready! I have beer pong balls, party cups, napkins, and these pitchers with a freezable core for large portion cocktails. I also keep an extra bottle of tequila and an extra case of beer nearby.

  5. Now I am in a grown up house in the middle of all my friends, I’ve started one of these 🙂 I’ve also got half a freezer drawer full of bread rolls, burgers and sausages so whenever the weather is nice enough (welcome to England, planning an outdoor party without a backup plan for rain can be challenging!) having friends round is just a case of sending out a few messages and asking people to bring drinks and stuff to restock the freezer for next time. I’m looking forward to a summer of random get-togethers which don’t require an hour of traipsing round the shops first 🙂

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