How to use that grody public grill without fear of poisoning your picnic

Public grills get a bad rap. I can definitely see why. They're always coated in the mysterious carbony remains of meals past. There's usually some bird poop on or around them. The ash pile inside is a ghastly reminder that anything — anything — could've been cooked on these rusty little public servants. I promise with just a little work, a public grill can be a totally serviceable cooking option.


Keep a party-in-a-box ready to go

I keep all the stuff we need for a bbq in an old wine crate (plastic plates, forks, napkins, grill tongs, party cups and of course balls for beer pong!) It makes hosting BBQs of any size so much simpler, because I don't need to run around gathering stuff I just pull out this box and we're ready to go!