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How to throw a rad AF Galentine’s Day brunch for all your (single and taken) pals

Galentine’s Day is coming soon! No, not the holiday for the couples, the wondrous holiday born from Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. The FUN one, okay? The one that celebrates all of your friends, gals and otherwise. Coupled or single or N/A. Celebrating the beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn babies. You beautiful tropical fish. You beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk oxen. And of course, you poetic noble land mermaids.

If you’re wanting to celebrate all of your pals at a Galentine’s Day brunch, this is how I would do it…

Last-minute New Year's party ideas for when friends tell you, "you're hosting!"

Last-minute New Year’s party ideas for when friends say, “you’re hosting!”

It’s almost 2018 and you’re ready to curl up with the pets and hit up Netflix, right? Nope. Your friends have decided that they want to party at YOUR PLACE. It’s time for you to host the most dope New Years’s Eve party ever.

You’ve got like a day, maybe two, to get shit in order. You need some last-minute New Year’s party ideas that will slay (or at least keep things chill and fun?). Let’s get to the celebration ideas, you party animals…

Making your community events more eco-friendly is as simple as organic, gluten-free, apple pie

At some point, you may become involved in a school or community event. As part of the planning team, you have a say in the small details of planning for the big day, naturally. Even for an established event, there are so many areas in which you can green your event to success.

Location, hydration, and hecklers: How to survive a parade

I’ve been in my fair share of parades. From a soaking wet and shivering cold St. Patrick’s Day downpour to a Why Am I Dressed Like a Pioneer in 100 Degree Heat fiasco, I’ve learned that being in a parade is a bittersweet delight. But with these tips you can make it more fun!

The lazy girl’s guide to throwing a New Year’s Eve party

I am all for elaborate, well-planned bashes, but sometimes ain’t nobody got the time for that. With the holiday season in full swing, between getting ready for Santa, work being busy at the end of the calendar year, and other commitments, there is just no room in our days to Martha Stewart-ize this party we want to throw. So I threw together a party game plan with minimal effort, and am sharing with you the fruits of my (limited) labor.

Make a fruity ice punch ring at your holiday party

This makes a great addition to the punch bowl for your next gathering and won’t melt as fast as a bag of ice cubes, meaning your favourite drink will still pack a…punch!

Nekkid Lady Party: My tips on how to host a clothing swap

About 8 years ago I moved from Portland to Seattle and realized I had way. Too. Much. Crap. I thought to myself, “Self, you can either donate to Goodwill or you can see if your friends want to pick through your stuff.”

I chose the latter. Girlfriends came over, some brought over clothing and shoes, and thus Lily’s Nekkid Lady Party was born. I’m here to tell you how to throw your own…

How do you throw diverse parties where people blend like PB&J?

How do you bring people together in a party situation, especially when these people can be as disparate as your rocker lesbian friends, your nerdy friends from the anime club in university, and your conservative Chinese coworker?