Eye Candy round-up: let’s all get our ogle on

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Photo by Carly Dunhill.
This is my partner Laura (MumL) with our daughter Agnes. She is awesome because she always finds time to chuck Agnes around on our bed or read her a book even though she works ridiculous hours at work. — Carly

Daddy: true love.
Daniel is my 6’5″ heavily-tattooed husband — full-time lumberjack, part-time musician, and forever a giant teddy bear — with our daughter Emma on his first Father’s Day. He excels at cuddles and singing Emma to sleep. The best part is their giant matching smiles. -Brenna
Delicious daddy-snuggles, while visiting Grandma and Grandpa at the tourist booth.
That’s Hugo, age 2 years and 9 months, with his dad, Nels, age 40 years and 9 months. We were visiting Cranbrook, B.C. for Grandpa’s birthday and stopped in at the Visitor Info booth at Elizabeth Lake where they volunteer. We live in Edmonton. — Dulcie
Here’s an awesome photo of my husband and our baby boy at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, July of 2012.
Photo by Joan Tucker.
This is my husband Clay and daughter Gwyn playing guitar and being adorable. — Joan
When this picture went up on Facebook, a friend commented “Look at that great smile!” My reply was quick and fierce: “UR DOIN IT WRONG if you’re looking at the smile!” — Ariel

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  1. Ariel – I think I need my hubby to start doing yoga! 😉 Love all the “eye candy” it’s so wonderful to have great so many ogle-worthy partners

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