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This reupholstery magic will have you hunting for garbage furniture

It’s been a while since we had some good DIY before and afters from our readers. And then, boom! Offbeat Homie Heather, aka. TheCathedra, uploaded some of her handy reupholstery work to our Flickr page, and… well… WOW. These before and afters are going to have you eyeing every piece of cast-away furniture for their potential.

How to make a kick-ass (and baby proofed) DIY bar from an old media cabinet

Our kitchen has limited storage, so we knew that we needed an alternate solution to use to store our extensive liquor and glassware collections. And so the repurposed media cabinet to bar was born. Here’s an outline of our process…

The search and rescue mission for a tiny bathtub for my tiny home

One of the aspects of building a tiny house is the difficulty in finding products and materials suited to a tiny space. Take, for example, our tub. With the 4′ footprint allowed by the space in my bathroom, I went shopping for a cheap, deep, small tub.

Spruce up the outside of your kitchen cabinets with contact paper

Homie Cj Ahrens uploaded these photos of their kitchen cabinet DIY. Check out the before and after…

Bathroom renovation: From jungle to under-the-sea

Although I loved the monkey accessories that Matt had since we started dating, after five years of living with it, I wanted a change. I have difficulty with early mornings, especially in the dark Canadian winter, so I wanted the bathroom to be so incredibly fucking cheerful that I couldn’t help but wake up and be alert in the morning!

Apartment balcony container garden: before and after

Last year, I tried planting some simple herbs for the first time; this year, I decided to get serious and do some real vegetable container gardening! To fuel my motivation, I even took a workshop on organic balcony gardening through one of our local CSAs, Fresh City Farms. But first, I needed to clean up the rust and ugly of our apartment balcony…

How an ice storm inspired me to rainbow-ify the exterior of my home

I have been spending a lot of my time working on the inside of my house. [Editor’s note: Remember Sara’s living room, rainbow ceiling, and geeky kitchen light makeover?] But recently I started thinking about what I wanted the OUTSIDE of my home to look like. What do you think I would do if I couldn’t decide on a color? Use them all!

“The Leopboard”: A boring cupboard turned leopard-print conversation piece

I got this small cupboard at an antiques and bric-a-brac market. In this case, the cupboard was in good nick, just a little dull. So with the help of leopard print and decoupage, I turned it into The Leopbard!