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One clip-on chandelier with endless style

Apparently Pottery Barn Teen used to sell this really cool “Compose-It Chandelier.” But the super-crafty LolliePatchouli saw it in a magazine and had her “sweet and talented man build one at a price we could afford.” And she has been having fun re-styling it for almost every season for years now.

Get hot for lighting: how to make a chandelier out of light bulbs

I’m hot for lighting.
Built-in lighting is never adequate or cozy enough for me, so there are at least two additional lamps or lanterns in every room in our apartment to add ambiance.

I don’t have much money, but I’m hoarder of unconventional items like burnt-out light bulbs, (no — really!) so I added up my scraps to make my most recent fixture: an upcycled light bulb chandelier!

Decked out Frankensteined lighting by Omega Too

Shopped for lighting lately? You probably found yourself disappointed by the white bread wood veneer choices at Home Depot. Our new sponsor Omega Too Lighting & Design will pull you out of the sad chandelier shopper slump.

I LOVED browsing their site. I got a very The Sims vibe, bouncing from art nouveau pieces to gothic chandeliers to candle sconces — you wanna see?

Nerdy-geeky-cool chandeliers, lamps and light fixtures bring personality to the ceiling

There’ve been so many nerdy, weird, awesome lighting designs popping up in my RSS feed, and I wanted a chance to look them over with you! My favorite? The handelier: a chandelier made of hands. GET IT?

Adam Wallacavage’s high drama light fixtures with Hello Kitty, octopus, and deer

You’ve probably seen Adam Wallacavage’s octopus chandeliers floating around the ‘net before — photos of them have made the rounds for a while now. I was happy to stumble over his other sculptures this week — and I kind of love them even more.

Let’s have a magical make-believe party room decor porn date!

I cordially invite you to have a lady party with me, at which we’ll drink wine, dance to pop music, and create the most fab party room mankind can order from the internet. My favorite part? I don’t know if it’s the shiny wallpaper or the shiny couch or the shiny portable fireplace.