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The awesome unicorn, dinosaur, and bulldog lamps from the Kid’s section

I got this gold unicorn lamp from the Kid’s section of Target, and love the hell out of it! But I also noticed these other awesome kitschy lamps on the shelves. And then I thought… what other kinds of lighting magic does the Kid’s section hold?

Let’s explore together and find some awesome lamps for kids ourselves…

13 unexpected and surprisingly colorful industrial light fixtures

I’m kind of all kinds of love with Manhattan Project Design Shop’s lighting collection. My buddy was looking for hanging lamps for his kitchen and dining area. He stumbled upon these, shared them with me, and I had to share them with you.

Put a bird on it for an instant upgrade to a plain lamp

>Offbeat Homie Cheryl Hellcat is at it again. We’ve already seen what she easily created with a piece of driftwood, or some chalkboard paint. Now check out another one of her easy-but-awesome DIY projects.

Illuminate your reading and save your place with this adorable lamp

Holy crap guys, how awesome is the Book Rest Lamp!? You know… for those of you who still read actual books.

Help me repurpose my old Moroccan lamps!

Can anyone suggest a quick, cheap fix for these Moroccan lamps? I’m not nearly as crafty as I would like to be and the silk surrounding the shades is so dry and brittle it tears easily if you attempt to clean it. I would however, like to maintain a spicy feel to them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Make your own magic shroom light

I am so happy with how my magical shroom lamp came out — it brings a little bit of craziness in my living room, and I desperately needed some right now! If you’d like a little bit of craziness in your home, here’s how you can make your own magic mushroom decor.

Non-boring lamp shades to brighten up your home decor

Homie Elizabeth asked us, “Any chance there could be a post about awesome lamp shades? I have been searching high and low for non-boring lampshades, and they are really hard to find.” No problem! But, not knowing EXACTLY what you’re looking for, I’m going to just throw out a large collection of fun and funky lamp shades.

Some of these are pricey, some of these are not going to be everyone’s tastes, and some of these are actually made for children’s rooms. But none of these will make you snooze.

5 lamps you can handmake to add sculptural surrealism at home

Cheap good lamps are hard to find, am I right? I’ve been on the search for them in big box stores, clearance aisles, antique shops, and thrift stores all over the midwest, and I’m still lighting most of my living room with clamp lights. If you’re in the same boat, I have been scheming schemes. Here are five lamps you can handmake.