Pin-Ups and Hot Cowboys in your bed

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Vice Merchants has got your love of erotic art covered with these covers: bedding with pin-ups and hot cowboys.


The bedding sets are available in a variety of thread counts and qualities of cotton, as well as almost every colour scheme or style you could want.

From afar, the patterns can pass as ordinary but pretty. But on closer inspection…


These sets could be out of your price range, so just ogling might have to suffice. But, after all, that seems completely appropriate here!

Comments on Pin-Ups and Hot Cowboys in your bed

  1. I had an unreasonably difficult time getting to their *actual* store from their facebook page. So! If you’re having similar trouble, here is the direct link!

    [Edit: I realized belatedly that y’all link to the site elsewhere in the article–I was just clicking directly on the pictures.]

    And if you’re looking for sexy cowboys, might I recommend this artist?

  2. Love this, and Sin in Linens! Other than Deny Designs, are there other major purveyors of awesome, offbeat bedding out there? Looking for my dream duvet cover and have yet to find the perfect mix of design/quality.

  3. They have some pretty sexy bedding on their site! I was imagining having the scuba, underwater ones and then putting them on a guest bed, haha. Guests would get a nice little risky surprise.

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