My husband’s boss is coming over! Should I hide the zombies and naked ladies?

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Does this zombie Lincoln oil painting say “management material” to you?
My husband just informed me that in a few weeks, his boss has so graciously picked our house to hold their monthly “briefing.” Cool, I love entertaining, but we’re not exactly like the other people in the company. Meaning that they wear collared shirts, have business cards and clean, un-inked skin. Also, our two front rooms, where everyone would be for this little get together, are full of my husband’s zombie and macabre paintings, and pin-ups.

From the past meetings they’ve had that I’ve attended, the other houses are bright and fantastically cut from Better Homes and Gardens. They’re all great folks, but some are a little judgey, and I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or weirded out. I’m wondering if I should take some of the paintings out, get lots of flowers to distract from the gory goodness, or just let it be?

This meeting means a lot to us, so we don’t want to screw it up with half-naked ladies and corpses. How do you make such an offbeat space into a crowd-friendly one? -Tiffany

Y’all had some great insights about handling tattoos in a place of business, and minimizing weirdness when hosting clients in a home office. So whatchu got when it comes to hosting business meetings in your anything-but-business-casual homes?

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  1. You need your job for money to live right ? Now days people get fired for just about everything lately, from something they did decades ago, to saying the wrong thing, to political affiliations. Play it safe so you have a secure job. I would hide the zombies and nudey/panties pinups in a closet. Leave the clothed pinups and make a mean snack to distract people and be the hostest with the mostest even if you aren’t are up tight like the rest of them. Job security is important!!

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