Does anyone write kid’s books about family friends being pregnant?

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Mom’s Pregnant = not what I have in mind.
I’m currenly 12 weeks pregnant and getting close to sharing the news with a wider circle of friends but I have two particularly special little people that I need some help to tell. I nanny for two preschoolers and want to tell them about their new playmate-to-be.

I’ve discussed it with their parents and we thought that some “having a baby” books might be a good way to help them understand, but here’s where we get stuck… all the children’s books about pregnancy I’ve seen are “Mommy’s having a baby” or “I’m going to be a big sister.”

So I was wondering: can any offbeat readers could recommended non-traditional family-based children’s pregnancy books suitable for the under five crowd? — Mich

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  1. I have never seen a book like you are describing, but I can recommend The Bump by Mij Kelly. It is a more generic book that talks about the relationship between a mother and her ever-growing tummy bump. It doesn’t talk about siblings, but instead reminds kids that they came from their mom’s tummy and that they were loved from the very beginning.

  2. There is a book called “teacher is having a baby” that my coworkers have used. I haven’t read it, just told my students about baby to be. Might work, nannys are teachers too.

  3. I had the same troubles when I was pregnant. Trying to explain to triplet 3 year olds that their nanny was going to have a baby without any books was tough. We told them about it, then didn’t really bring it up until a few weeks before my leave. We told them I was going to go have my baby, but I would come back and bring her with me. They seemed to get it, and the transition went smoothly. Preschoolers tend to be pretty self centered, they wont much care about the baby, except in ways it will affect them.

    • glad to hear that someone else has had the experience of taking their baby to work with them as a Nanny, the family I work for are super supportive and that’s our childcare plan for when the baby is born

  4. I am no longer a nanny, but when we tried to explain to our friends’ two year old that I had a baby inside me & he’d have a new playmate soon, he looked at me like, “That woman has eaten a baby. I can’t believe I trusted you.” I couldn’t help but laugh, but that was not exactly the reaction we were going for. I’ll also be checking in on this post for book suggestions!

  5. You could also write your own book! We did that on Blurb (can even use photos of you and the kids). We did this for a flower girl story, and it went over smashingly well. You can pay for online book via iPad (I think $10?) or hard copy.

    • Have you thought about making your own? When my Mom was pregnant with my younger brother, she made a simple book with pictures she and my Dad had taken, talking about what was going to happen. This way, she could tailor it to our own situation. It can be simply done, just with pictures and a handmade book. Or, if you want to be more hardcore, you can probably make one online (Shutterfly or some such thing has that kind of program, I think..?) Good luck!

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