A Mystery Science Theater 3000 birthday party

Guest post by Jax Adele

I love birthdays. I think everyone should celebrate them and I like to go above and beyond to make the birthday person feel special. So as my partner Andy’s birthday approached, I asked him what he wanted his party theme to be. Now my husband is not over excitable or enthusiastic like I am. We are opposites in this way.

So he indulged me when he told me what he really wanted: to have his friends over to watch a movie with prepared jokes in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I had my challenge. MST3K-themed party supplies aren’t exactly hanging next to Dora the Explorer paper plates, so I was going to need to make everything myself. I created my plan. I’d make invitations, napkins, cups, cupcakes, and decorations for our party.

Making the invitation shown above was easy: I used PowerPoint and the internet.

Satallite of Love

I cut a giant bone out of cardboard, spray painted it and had my husband decorate it with a sharpie to make the Satellite of Love.

I’m proud of my cupcakes!

Once I’d figured out how to make Boston Cream cupcakes, I popped them into homemade wrappers and added marshmallows. To make the marshmallows look like popcorn I used a pastry brush to dab a little water onto them before shaking on yellow sprinkles to give them the buttered look.

For a Joel-and-the-gang centerpiece, I flipped a trifle dish, added a tap light, tissue paper, and an MST3k window cling.

Napkins took more thinking. I figured I would stamp them and contemplated making a potato stamp.

Instead I printed things off the internet, used transparency paper and traced them on the transparency paper with puffy paint. Once they had dried for 24 hours I attached them to extra foam pieces I’d saved and with the help of friends stamped several plain napkins.

The big thing to remember is to print your images backwards because I didn’t (this photo is reversed!). Oh well, live and learn.

We also used some printed 11×17 graphics mixed with a 2008 monster movie calendar’s pages. Perfect!

MST3K Centerpiece and table

Thing I learned with this party? Slant-themes! I used some ideas for generic night-at-the-movies-themed parties because it’s much easier to find movie-themed items.

Another little detail I made were labels with the Gizmonics logo on them. This transformed any regular person into a member of the Gizmonics workforce even if they didn’t wear a costume.

I made a normal guy in a jumpsuit costume for Andy, and I dressed as the Dr. Forrester because wearing a mustache is hilarious to me.

Luckily for me our friend Joe has white hair and accidentally wore a long sleeve black shirt which made him look exactly like TV’s Frank.


We had friends prepare riffs for Clash of the Titans, and played our own MST3K.


I believe I accomplished my mission and Andy had a memorable birthday.

Comments on A Mystery Science Theater 3000 birthday party

  1. This is balls-out the most amazing theme EVAR! MST3000 is awesome fun, and you executed the whole thing great! Thanks for sharing it

  2. I love the final touch of the overlay on the TV screen! 🙂

    I am definitey stealing this theme for my partner’s next birthday! And those cupcakes are seriously astoundingly brilliant.


    I have been trying to explain to my bridesmaids that all I really want for my bachelorette party is to watch a bunch of MST3K episodes. Now I can show them this for reference!

    Excellent job at planning a party, and being all-around awesome.

  4. How fun! You did a great job. And that’s impressive commitment, having your own jokes recorded. I should do this for my husband, but I’ll just use RiffTrax.

  5. LOVE IT! OMG. I am the person who scoured Ebay to find particular MST3K episodes on DVD, because I couldn’t find them anywhere else. So this party *spoke* to me.

  6. This is so great 🙂 I also love birthdays – I don’t know many other people who do, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

  7. Dude. Words cannot describe how epicly epic this is. The hubby and I quote MST3K on a daily basis and I’m on Rifftrax like my life depends on it. You, ma’am, are total win.

  8. This is amazing to me. Our wedding invitations had mike and the bots outline on the bottom.

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