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This five-story castle in New England is stuck in the 1980s

When you think of castles you think “built in the ’80s” right? You will now, when you explore this New England castle that looks like it came out of a David Lynch film.

Solar Roof Shopping? Things You Should Know

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in Massachusetts, green is the new black. The state continues to offer rebates and special deals for folks who decide to put solar paneling on their roofs to help the environment. But as I learned, it’s not one-size-fits-all shopping. Here are some things to keep in mind…

A rainbow dinette, one red-and-blue-and-yellow house in Illinois, and a home built into Arizona boulders in this week’s reader photos

It’s our weekly roundup of reader photos and interesting Offbeat Home-ish links from around the web. This week we’ve got the lowdown on air conditioned doghouses, an upcoming steampunk fest in Massachusetts, and era-appropriate Disney princess cosplay. Click on through!

A Mystery Science Theater 3000 birthday party

I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. They make me very excited. Happily, I have a husband who, while less excitable, loves me for my super-planning tendencies. This is the birthday party I threw him this year.

Steampunk wonderama in a Massachusetts Victorian/arts and crafts home

Traipse through the Rosenbaum’s New England home and wonder at the ingenuity of their thoroughly steampunked Victorian. If you’ve NEVER dreamed of a steampunk house, this is your post.

Plus — the BEST way to hang a TV. Ever.

How to shop curbside and furnish your home for free

Mistress Claire’s gonna school us on how to make the most out of trash-day-shopping curbside. You’ll be surprised at how much she’s hauled home, and her specific suggestions will help you be a productive freecycler.