Scott Pilgrim cross-stitch: I’m in lesbians with you!

Guest post by Renee

My husband is a pretty silly guy. One of his favorite movies of all time is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. After he got it on Bluray, he became like a Scott Pilgrim evangelist. Anyone that stepped foot in our house who hadn’t seen the movie was persuaded to watch it. I only kinda minded — I love the movie too! If you’re one of the few people on the planet that hasn’t seen this movie, yet, you may not get this joke:

This is what I made for Alex for Valentine’s Day. If anyone is thinking “Valentine’s Day?” yeaaaaah, I know. I just finished it last week. Procrastinate? Me? Ha!

I made the pattern based off the pixel art from the video game for the movie. (On a side note, the game is ALSO really fun!) I changed a couple of colors on Ramona and the hair color on Scott to be a little more representative of Alex and myself. Although if we could fly through the air for an epic kiss, I’m pretty sure it would end up with a couple of bloody noses and black eyes. I’m not exactly graceful. Or coordinated.

Oh well! Anyway! Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, people!

Comments on Scott Pilgrim cross-stitch: I’m in lesbians with you!

  1. Aww.

    I have a friend who’s also discovered that 8-bit video game sprites make for terrific cross-stitch patterns, and has even found a site– I wish I knew where– to automatically do conversions for her. Her little pieces are brilliantly hilarious. I’ll have to see if she’s taken pictures of any of them to post.

  2. This is so uber cute!
    I’m currently obsessed with a zombie cross-stitch kit I picked up at Barnes and Nobles. I intend to work on a few other pieces as well – Darth Vader cross-stitch, anyone? 😀

  3. This is FREAKIN adorable! I love it!! And I think you’ve gotten to the point that it could be considered an early Valentine’s Day present 🙂 lol. You’re good.
    It would so cool if something like this came through the framing orders I worked with (I was training in framing at Michaels). Hell, it makes ME wanna learn how to cross stitch.

  4. Oh my gosh. I’ve been dying to find some cool/weird/nerdy cross-stitch kits/patterns. The local craft store just has piles and piles of Nanna-type patterns. Ugh!

    If anyone has any links, please share!

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