I’m Human: a video from Alabama middle schoolers talking about what makes us different

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Photo courtesy of I'm Human.

The broadcasting team at Liberty Middle School in Madison, Alabama, is currently rocking my world. They put together this incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful video called “I’m Human.” The video features students , faculty, and staf standing against a wall, each holding up a sign that tells you how they’re different. One is Christian, one is spoiled. Another is Mexican, and one girl has lost a friend — all of this in the first forty-eight seconds.

The full video is around nine minutes, and it’s worth watching every single one of them. The video’s after the jump!

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  1. Wow, that’s so much better than anything we ever made in broadcasting class (right, Stephanie?). Loved it…. and I saw my coworkers daughter in there 🙂

    • SIIIGH.. I think that’s the difference between technology 10 years ago and now. TEN YEARS AGO.

      • Shows how incredibly differently people develop. If I met some of the students I’d guess they were in their 20’s, others look much younger than they are. Great video, wonderful project. I wonder how the classmates react to knowing each other’s secrets?

  2. I was doing pretty well until I got to the little boy with the “I’m afraid no one will be my friend” sign. Gut punch. Cue the weepies.

    This is really, really good.

  3. I watched this on mute, because I’m at work, and it was really powerful silent; am looking forward to watching it with sound when I get home.

    For some reason, the boy with “I’m Sorry” got to me.

  4. The “I’m bullied” made me just….ugh. wow. I see these kids everyday when I teach theatre. I wish I could show everyone this video, especially the ones who bully.

  5. This was pretty rockin’! Anyone who reads Korean who can tell me what the sign in Korean said?

  6. Yep, crying a bit at work. This is so awesome, and I am seriously impressed that junior high kids put it together.

  7. And now I’m bawling – for me it was the ‘I’m just happy’ girl – she was great. I also laughed lots – I loved the lazy man, the bald man and the man with the perfect handwriting (he looked so proud of himself!).

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