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An adoption web series about a queer couple trying to adopt

This web series shows the challenges of adopting as a queer couple in our foster system

I recently watched season one of a web series called The F Word: A Foster-to-Adopt Story, which follows a queer couple, filmmaker Nicole Opper and her partner Kristan, on their foster-to-adopt journey. You’ll see a whole lot of challenges faced by both adoptive parents and foster children and their families.

Opper has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make season two happen, and they’re actually super close to funding the campaign…

I want to adopt another child. My husband doesn’t.

We’re at an impasse. We fundamentally disagree, and we completely respect each other’s feelings on the subject. We just don’t agree.

One of us is going to “lose” the argument here, and I don’t know how to cope…

Creating a life vs. becoming a mom: thoughts on adoption and surrogacy

I have never thought of myself as motherly. Never wanted any part of it. I’m 26 now, and have always known that I didn’t want children of my own. But when I was 19 I had a surprise pregnancy. I was careful, but life happens. Long story short, I chose adoption. I knew I couldn’t do it and wanted the best for my little person…

What should you get for a parent adopting an older child?

A friend is adopting three older children (ages 6, 7, and 11) out of foster care very soon. I’d really like to throw a shower of some sort for her, or at least arrange for some sort of group gift from our co-workers and mutual friends. But what should you get for a parent adopting an older child?

My thoughts about donating eggs changed now that I’M a mom

No part of me regrets the decision I made to be an egg donor, but I regret how I went about it. I did not understand the gravity of my decisions; I believed I was mature and now I look back and feel like I was just a kid. And now there is a little boy out there that is my kids’ half-brother that they may never meet.

How do you announce your adoption plans?

My husband and I just decided and made the first step to adopt a child. This is a super exciting time in our life, and I’d like to share it with people. But I feel like a simple Facebook post just isn’t the right way or doesn’t do the announcement justice. I’m wondering if any offbeat readers have any suggestions/feedback/or advice on announcing you’re adopting a child?

How can we make a non-sucky adoption profile?

My husband and I are beginning the open adoption process, and it’s time to make a profile. We’re Offbeat Lite (yoga, geeky, vegan, non-Christian), and all of the samples I’ve seen online look like Pinterest threw up on them. I want expectant parents to get to know us — after all, they’ll be part of our family — but I’m dealing with pressure to conform to the script of “loving couple describes each other lovingly while lovingly waxing poetic about the loving love they have to give your lovely child.”

I’m adopted and have no clue about my heritage or race

“By the way, What are you?” I’ve heard this question, referring to my “race” so many times in my almost 30 years on this planet. When I was a kid it didn’t bother me. When I was a teenager, it made me sad. As an adult, it pisses me off to no end… and to be honest, it still makes me sad.