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This Instagram of dogs eating gently is your new relaxation happy place

You haven’t reached the end of the internet until you’ve seen this relaxing Instagram account where sweet and mild-mannered pooches eat treats, noms, and fuds gently… oh so gently. They’re so sweet and so relaxing and ZZzzzzzz…

For fans of cute-ass puppies (and maybe ASMR for some of y’all?), this feed of gently scarfing dogs will be your new happy place. Get away from the news, from work, from your whole damned stressful life for five minutes while you remember that dogs are too good for this world…

StyleLikeU: You have to see this radically honest YouTube docu-series about race, gender, sexualities, and more

You have to see this radically honest YouTube docu-series about race, gender, sexualities, and more

I was introduced to StyleLikeU as a media platform producing “radically honest docu-style videos that give voice to role models of all body-types, ages, races, genders, sexualities, and abilities, who stand proudly outside of norms and are comfortable in their skin, disentangling style from fashion in the process.” Um, yes please. This required further investigation since it sounded fairly groundbreaking. I was absolutely not disappointed.

Gun control explained with cats (to share before tomorrow's March for Our Lives)

Gun control explained with cats (to share before tomorrow’s March For Our Lives)

Tomorrow is a big day for everyone, and especially all of those Gen Z-ers taking the nation by the jugular to give rise to a voice in opposition to gun deaths, and in support of common sense gun laws and school safety. It’s the March For Our Lives.

Whether or not you support enhanced gun laws or not (and please keep it civil in the comments either way), it’s happening tomorrow, March 24th, 2018, in cities across the U.S. (and elsewhere). In the meantime, here’s a quick take that gives some perspective on the whole issue… with cats.

Create colorful vases with crocheted Mason jar cozies

Who does love a shelf full of colorful jar awesomeness!? Got a lot of Mason jars and a lot of yarn? Wanna make these yourself? I don’t blame you. Here are a couple of YouTube tutorials to get you started…

The Doll House tour: You must see (and maybe move into?) this manic pixie dream home

The moment I saw this video pop up on Facebook feed, I thought “the Homies must needs see this!!!” This tour is of a home called “The Doll House” in Hollywood. And yes, it’s wholly appropriately named.

My divorce made me love my wedding video

Offbeat Bride readers might remember me from this post. That marriage ended two years after our wedding. It took two more years after that for me to revisit my wedding video. I expected to feel pain, but I felt so much joy instead. My wedding video means more to me now than I could ever have anticipated four years ago…

Bloody beach hummus and shark fins

It’s time to celebrate another Shark Attackiversary! This year, along with throwing a party, we’re making this bloody, shark-themed snack, from the mind that brought you the pumpkin cake recipe.

Cooking challenge final results: Lasagnes and lessons learned

In which I give y’all the breakdown of my last few challenge meals, including a video with a special guest star. Then I break down the over all results of this whirlwind week of cooking and learning.