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How libraries shaped my motherhood

When my baby was born, he and I became library story time regulars. In a little room with a disfigured Hungry Caterpillar mural and stained carpet, I learned the Portuguese lullaby I still sing my boys at night and at least six ways my knees could be horses.

Libraries: the new go-to destination for maternity photos

Tenley Clark took her maternity session to the happiest place on the planet…and it’s not Disney.

Get your teen back into reading (and get to know them better in the process!)

So, apparently something happens when kids hit thirteen: they no longer like reading. In 2007, the National Endowment for the Arts published a report on reading that found, among other things, “Teens and young adults read less often and for shorter amounts of time when compared with other age groups and with Americans of the past” and “reading is declining as an activity among teenagers.”

Libraries are for everyone — even babies

Our local libraries are a treasure trove of community and fun. My daughter has found in our library a place filled with music, stories, games, crafts, puzzles, child-size furniture, picture-books, and other kids.