Remember the lesbian triad wedding? They’re pregnant!

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Those of you who read Offbeat Bride may remember Kitten, Brynn, and Doll’s rainbow garden of poly love three-bride wedding that we featured last fall. Well, it turns out that the triad are expecting a baby!

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail
Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

The Daily Mail ran a big feature on the triad today. Here’s an excerpt, and a video interview!

The threesome insist their relationship is like that of any normal couple: having breakfast with one another, watching TV after work and sharing a bed together.

Doll says: ‘The only difference is that communication is a lot more difficult for us than others. There are three people so our relationship takes detailed scheduling – everything we do goes on the calendar!

‘Whilst communication is tricky, household chores are a lot easier with three people! You can slack off on your errands and another person can pick them up.’

Brynn adds: ‘Each of us has our own allocated chores and roles – I like to think of us a romantic committee. In our relationship, I’m the traditional breadwinner. I work a forty hour week and make the majority of the family’s income.

‘Doll does the cooking and Kitten does the cleaning. Sometimes, Kitten also helps me with my hair and make-up before I go to work.’

The full article includes some back-story on how the threesome met, and the legal aspects of their marriage. Common sense alert: whatever you do, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS OVER THERE. Just don’t. (There’s a reason we’re so committed to our no-drama commenting policy.)

Congrats to Kitten, Brynn, and Doll!

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  1. Aaaww, så beautiful, so fantastic. I hope we will see more of you on Offbeat home and life later on in the pregnancy and afterwards.

    Having a baby is so special, congratulations on the three mamas

  2. I still read the feature post of their wedding on a near-weekly basis because it makes me feel so happy and good about the universe. Congrats to Kitten, Doll and Brynn! You’re going to make awesome moms 😀 I’m excited for you!!

  3. I’m so glad to hear about this! My wife and husband and I are trying to get me pregnant with my wife’s sperm so it’s nice to hear about other people out there who’ve done similar things. It can be lonely being poly and/or queer!

    • One of the women left the triad. But otherwise they seem happy. I’m pretty sure one of them has a YouTube channel called “Punky Rooster” and one wrote a book. Search “90 Degrees b.e. hart” on Amazon.

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