Goddess Leonie’s breath-taking maternity photos

Since so many of you loved Leonie's birth story, I'm pretty positive you're going to have to physically restrain yourselves to keep from swooning over her maternity session. These photos were taken at various times throughout her pregnancy, and they're all amazing.

Get ready, people. It's about to get ten shades of beautiful in here.

Mama Goddess...
Can I get an OM? All photos by Rachel Ford and Chris Dawson.

Pretty sky, pretty lady, pretty baby belly!
Mama Goddess

Who wouldn't want to feel magical and floaty while pregnant?
Mama Goddess

Oh, you know, she's just smiling and being delightful, with colors swirling all around.
Mama Goddess

Pregnant mamas, take note! Leonie's water broke an hour after this photo was taken, and she credits this pose as the trigger!
Mama Goddess...

Have you ever seen a pregnant lady looking this casual while leaning on a rock?
Mama Goddess...

This is so adorable I can barely stand it.
Mama Goddess...

To get more of this Aussie Goddess in your day, head on over to Leonie's website.

  1. my name is Jasmine and I.LOVE.LEONIE.

    but seriously, if you are ever in a bad mood, head to her website for a dose of her seriously uplifting attitude.

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