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Goddess Leonie’s breath-taking maternity photos

If you loved Leonie’s birth story, you’re going to fall to pieces with glee over her series of maternity photos! Just wait!

Five-minute fashion: the left coast layers

I demand comfort and ease, but I’m sick of wearing yoga pants and a tshirt every day. My solution? This look: LEFT COAST LAYERS.

Kate at the organic blueberry farm

Thanks to photographer Lauren McGlynn for sharing this wonderful shot with me. She explains, “This is my friend Kate and her baby on her organic blueberry farm in North Carolina.” For two beautiful maternity shots from Lauren, keep reading… For more of Lauren’s wonderful photos, head to

Bonnaroomama’s baby photos

bonnaroomama explains: “After my son was born, complications from my c-section left me hospitalized for about three weeks. My family worked very hard to keep my son near me and support my breastfeeding efforts.” It looks like despite those rough first three weeks, Bonnaroomama and her family have gone on to enjoy a rich life […]

First, second, and third generation offbeat families

Years ago, I developed this theory about first and second generation weirdos, loosely based on the concept of first and second generation immigrant families. In my mind, there’s another second generation: the children of offbeat families.

My parents were awesome

I’ve completely fallen in a sweet kind of love with My Parents Were Awesome, one of those single-serving websites that does one thing and one thing only: share vintage shots of awesome parents, all submitted by their kids.

Daughter of an offbeat mama

The first social reality of which I ever became aware was that my mother was the most embarrassing person on the entire planet. She dressed loudly, spoke louder, and seemed never to have heard of make-up. She was a rebel with many causes and wouldn’t allow my sister or me to escape any of them.