From retro to goth to geeky: swimsuits in any style (and almost any size!)

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Megan and I are both big fans of ModCloth’s swimwear. In fact, we each have the suit pictured above, cause it’s available in standard and plus sizes. There’s really something for any style, but I’ve rounded up three groups to get you started: retro glam, dark and edgy, and fun and geeky. While not every style is available in every size, ModCloth carries styles up to size 30. Each two-piece is available separately, meaning you can mix and match looks to your heart’s content. Click on the image to go to the product page, and dive in!



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  1. Yeah, Megan basically saved my holiday last year when she showed this first swimsuit. I had been talked into a holiday in Greece with my hysband’s friends and was DREAAAADING the whole swimsuit situation because I never found one I thought was flattering! ITS AWESOME.

    • Yep, I also have the first swimsuit, but I have the two-piece style that is black with tiny red rose buds and gold leaves. Yes, it is just about the most gorgeous and flattering swimsuit ever. It is pricey, but really, really worth it. And for love of all that is good and holy, if the comments tell you to size up, SIZE UP. That being said, I think everyone should feel like they look as good in a swimsuit as I feel like I do in this baby.

  2. I have a suit from Modcloth and LURVE IT, but goddamn do you have to size up. I’m like a 4-6 and the 8 is too small. I can fit in it if I try real hard, but daaayum.

  3. I have the Fruity Suity from ModCloth – it is a gift from HEAVEN!
    I absolutely love that non-models post pics of themselves in the clothes in the comments section – how cool is that?!
    After trying on, literally, 20 suits in my first-ever post-partum year, I was so pumped to find a great suit.

  4. I love ModCloth’s swimsuit options. I habitually scroll through their offerings, wanting all of them. I have a high-waist bottom from K-Mart (Sofia Vergara’s line – it’s not bad!), and my only ModCloth suit is the top I wear with those bottoms. If I had more money, I would buy all these suits for sure.

    • It’s not an option for all of the two-pieces, but many of them the tops and bottoms are sold separately. If you click through them, it’ll say top, bottom, or two-piece. I am a full size smaller on top than on bottom, so I always buy separate pieces.

  5. I love these retro, high-waisted looks but typically the tops are not a great style for a really small chested person like myself. All the beautifully bosomed ladies out there look fabulous. I will have to look into the separates and order down for the top and give it a try.

  6. sigh. Modcloth caters to my exact aesthetic but they run SO. SMALL. I always get excited when I see “size 30” only to find out, lolno, that won’t come anywhere close to fitting me. Why use that size at all if you’re actually capping off at 22/24? 🙁

  7. I had ordered the Esther Williams full piece in black cherries. I went up a couple of sizes because they said the suit runs small and not its not loose but just “comfortable”. I am not sure if I should send it back. They also sent me flip-flops in the wrong size. ( 10 instead of 9) but it is not that noticable. I do not think I will be ordering from Modcloth again.

  8. There are multiple bathing suits on Modcloth that I would like to purchase. MULTIPLE. That is not something that I ever expected to say, and I haven’t actually even owned a bathing suit in several years. I can’t believe I never thought to look at bathing suits on that site; I always think of them as a great place to buy fancy dresses if I have to dress like a grownup girl for something.

  9. They’re neat swimsuits, but unfortunately I don’t have a lake to swim in. For those of us who live in a city this doesn’t really address the lack of nice plus-sized swimsuits.

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