Kate and Zach’s blissful baby-on-the-way maternity session

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I love love love when photographers and couples connect and form a relationship that lasts over years. Amy Ann (of Amy Ann Photography) shot Kate and Zach’s queer Jewish wedding last year, and then recently shot their maternity session a few weeks ago.

Kate + Zach Bump 14

Kate + Zach Bump 01

Kate + Zach Bump 02 Kate + Zach Bump 03 Kate + Zach Bump 04 Kate + Zach Bump 08 Kate + Zach Bump 12 Kate + Zach Bump 07 Kate + Zach Bump 11 Kate + Zach Bump 16 Kate + Zach Bump 17

In case you’re experiencing withdrawals, you can see even more shots at Amy Ann Photography’s blog.

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  1. Oh so cute!! They both look so happy. I love the shot of the books. Also loving the first picture where the ultrasound is in focus. Very creative and fun ^_^

  2. Had to log in to comment that the magical pop-up rainbow book in question is What Makes a Rainbow by Betty Ann Schwartz. It’s one of our favorites to read aloud in our house. And it has ribbons inside!

  3. It’s been 7 years since I saw Kate but I’m glad I get to witness your experience from afar! Can’t wait until Julia and I are pregnant so I can contact you for advice. Congrats to you and Zach! You look fantastic and blissful!

  4. Kate and Zach have been such fantastic friends and subjects for me over the years and I have been privileged to document their journey. I am so grateful to Offbeat Mama for sharing their story!

  5. We’re so happy to share our excitement and Amy’s great pictures with everybody here. Yay non-traditional families!

  6. That book is called ,”what makes a rainbow.” and itis awesome! I read it to my kindergarten art classes and it never ceases to amaze them. Beautiful pictures.

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