Gingerdead man cookie cutter: Holiday cookies with a twist of dark in your sweet

Updated Oct 12 2015

Gingerdead Men Cookie CutterIs it too early to start scheming for the holidays? I would have said yes, but then I stumbled across these adorably macabre gingerbread man cookie cutters from ThinkGeek, which imprint an oddly cute gingerbread skeleton into your rolled gingerbread cookie dough.

Then all you have to do is squeeze a little frosting in there and VOILA: gingerbread man x-ray, injecting a little bit of morbidity into your holiday cheer. Bonus: they're only $7, so they could also make a nice stocking stuffer.

  1. Mannnn… these are pretty sweet. I've tried my hand at subversive gingerbreading, to mixed results. Excuse to post a photo of my past gingerbread cookies? YUP. Clearly, I would've benefited from a little template guidance.

  2. I usually make macabre christmas cookies for a specific set of friends each year, definitely need to add this to the collection!

  3. I love these! I got some fun cookie cutters from think geek recently called Ninjabread Men. (I'd post a link, but my HTML experience level is N00b). They come with a recipe for gingerbread cookies and the instructions are pretty cute. "Stealthily beat in the eggs" "Decorate your ninjas and release them into the night" I can't wait to make some!

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