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When Ariel found this photo in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool, she squeed! Clearly we love it… but… what is it? A neat little shrine? Not really. Cool wall art? Yeah, but it’s more than that. This photo is the perfect example of what my interior designer mother and I call a “moment.”

And now I would like to share this concept of “moments” with my Homies.

Moments are little places of special cohesive design that make you feel happy. They can be specially decorated corners of your home, altars set up just so, a bathroom wall, or a neat combination of objects like the ones pictured above. This moment comes from master of the “moment” Found and Sewn. The combo of the donky photo, reclaimed shelf, and the collection of decor, tied together with a floral pattern scheme just makes us happy. And that, my friends, is a perfect moment.

Do you have moment that you’re particularly proud of, that you’d love to show off? Forgawdsake, add it to our Flickr pool, @ reply Offbeat Home on Pinterest, or send me an old fashioned email. And make sure to tell us all the details about your favorite moment so that it can be a part of our new ongoing series of Monday Moments!

Next week I’ll share one of my favorite moments from my own home. I hope you’ll do the same.

Comments on Introducing decor “moments”

  1. Squeeee!!!! Love this bathroom! Saw it on Flickr and could not stop staring at it. Well done *place twirling imaginary moustache here*
    The only “moment” my place is having is a horror and music theme. People say its kinda graphic for our 2 year old son…. I say I’m enriching him with art!

      • I will try to get some good pics to send your way. I know one pic was on Monday Montage. Hellraiser picture in the bedroom…. but in the living room we have the main horror villains having dinner together with a Meshuggah Obzen album cover and a marilyn manson painting.

  2. I do it all over the house – desks, bookcases, countertops, corners, walls – I call them my little altars or still-lifes where things that mean much to me are grouped because they “felt like they need to be together in an artistic way”. Calling them “Moments” is also an apt description – like a snapshot in time.

  3. Yes! I always feel that our house does not have the style that so many off-beat homes have with our ikea furniture, but we do have little bits of lego and playmobil matching our books which I think falls into ‘moments’.

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