Caffeine altar: creating special space for your rough mornings

Back in my wild-partying days, I used to do this thing for myself: before I went out, I'd get my bedroom all set up to be the perfect come-down/hangover den. I'd make the bed and fold back the blanket. I'd leave the twinkly lights on. I'd set a glass of water on the bedside with a couple Advil, right next to the stereo remote. Basically, I got really good at anticipating my compromised mental/emotional state, and pre-creating a space to make it a little easier.

In my kitchen now, I've used the same idea to create the perfect caffeine altar.


Nerdalicious entertainment center

>I'm excited to present the first dude-made Monday Moment. Long time Homie Juniper Zombie shared with me what she calls her "husband's pride and joy" — the nerdy entertainment center moment featuring retro gaming, Ghostbusters and Transformers all in one area.