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Monday Moment: A happy bathroom corner

My shower curtain makes me happy every morning. Then I found this little dish from Turkey (I use it for soap) for 50 cents at a thrift shop, and it accidentally coordinates.

Caffeine altar: creating special space for your rough mornings

Back in my wild-partying days, I used to do this thing for myself: before I went out, I’d get my bedroom all set up to be the perfect come-down/hangover den. I’d make the bed and fold back the blanket. I’d leave the twinkly lights on. I’d set a glass of water on the bedside with a couple Advil, right next to the stereo remote. Basically, I got really good at anticipating my compromised mental/emotional state, and pre-creating a space to make it a little easier.

In my kitchen now, I’ve used the same idea to create the perfect caffeine altar.

Monday Moment: “Happy haunted Halloween!” decorative shelf

Hey Homies! Welcome to Halloween half-week on Offbeat Home! We’re going to be bringing you all things ghost-y, monster-y, spooky and… zombie! That’s why I was STOKED to see that Alexandrea (aka WhistleFishy) uploaded her decorative Halloween dining room shelf moment into our Flickr pool.

Monday Moment: eerily beautiful exposed-brick corner

Tatum Witter (of $7 chair makeover fame) has been uploading these amazing gothic decor moments from her home into our Flickr pool. While I’m desperate for her to give us a home tour, we shall have to be satiated with this eerily beautiful moment, created in a corner of her home.

Monday Moment: An ever-changing artistic display (with sexy imagary bonus)

Longtime Homie Vacantmuse sent her artsy shelf moment our way. I love her idea of making space for an ever-changing art display. Could this be the first Monday Moment “great idea of the day” combo!? I think so.

Nerdalicious entertainment center

>I’m excited to present the first dude-made Monday Moment. Long time Homie Juniper Zombie shared with me what she calls her “husband’s pride and joy” — the nerdy entertainment center moment featuring retro gaming, Ghostbusters and Transformers all in one area.

Monday Moment: A garden-y, banner-y, window moment

This beautifully lit bedroom moment was created with a box on a chair, supporting a pretty pink potted geranium in front of a window. The kicker — that tiny bunting draped across the window frame. This moment is so fresh and pretty that I want to go to there.

Monday Moment: Happy chalkboard-y fridge with skulls on top

Janelle’s skull and erasable chalkboard fridge makes her smile every day and brightens up her otherwise very grumpy/groggy mornings. I dig the Tardis drawing.