Make hot and spicy Sriracha salt

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What you’re seeing above is a jar of spicy Sriracha salt from event designer Chandra Keel that would make a very useful culinary addition to your kitchen.

What is Sriracha, you say? Sriracha is the hot chili sauce that you’ll see in tons of restaurants (especially Thai) and is de rigueur among foodies these days. People love it so much they put it in spray bottles. And even The Oatmeal loves it. I’m a little wimpy when it comes to spice, but having something Sriracha makes mouths happy in a hurts-so-good kind of way.

Here’s the recipe. Chandra Keel

1/2 cup coarse kosher salt
5 tsp sriracha

Combine the salt with the sriracha and mix thoroughly.
Spread out the mixture on a baking dish and set in a warm, dry location.
Let dry for 1-2 days (I let it sit out for 2 days, but it was pretty dry after 1 day).

How easy is that? Buy some in bulk, try it out, and give us your yumminess rating.

Comments on Make hot and spicy Sriracha salt

  1. “Make hot and spicy Sriracha salt”
    … Okay.

    My internal speed demon has to ask… would it be possible to dry this out more quickly by putting it in the oven at a low temp? For some other salts, I’ve seen people heat the oven to 200F and leave in there for 20ish minutes. I MAY HAVE TO TRY THIS FOR SCIENCE.

    • Good question! This recipe suggests that you can cut the time by pre-heating the oven to 350F, turning it off, and letting the salt dry in the residual heat for a couple of hours. I’ve also read some other salt drying techniques that recommend the oven be set at 200F and to leave it on. I may have to try that quicker drying for science too!

  2. I have done this with hot chilies that we have grown, put chilies dried or fresh through a food processor with coarse salt. You will have to let the salt dry out if you use fresh chilies of course but it is a nice way to a little heat to your food.

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