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Black damask zip storage bags WUT!?

I just laid eyes on these gallon-size zip storage bags in a fancy black damask pattern. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something fancy in which to store your holiday leftovers, or in which to send them home with your guests.

Skull-covered damask shower curtain

We featured a skull-filled bathroom a couple weeks ago, and for those of you who were inpsired, I thought this $22 skull-covered damask shower curtain might be an excellent accent piece.

Introducing decor “moments”

Introducing Monday Moments! What’s a “moment”? Well, it used to be an inside joke between my mother and I, but now I’d like to pull all my Homies in on it. Let’s share moments, shall we?

Turn a crappy bi-fold door into a glowing damask enchantment

I installed this door over our laundry room after we dumpster-dove it, so I wasn’t surprised that a panel popped out before long. I took this fixit project as an opportunity to make the whole shebang a lot prettier.

Chic damask litter box hacks and a bonus homemade scratching post

Lenna made very elegant stealthy litter boxes — and they serve double duty as entrance benches. Read her post to learn what else she made to entertain two spoiled cats.

Let’s have a magical make-believe party room decor porn date!

I cordially invite you to have a lady party with me, at which we’ll drink wine, dance to pop music, and create the most fab party room mankind can order from the internet. My favorite part? I don’t know if it’s the shiny wallpaper or the shiny couch or the shiny portable fireplace.

Brigsby’s kind of crazy carnivalesque nursery

Brigsby’s nursery is all kinds of carnival-inspired, hand-me-down greatness. Jamie and her husband used a lot of their own belongings and heaps of imagination to create a wonderful resting spot.