How do we get ’70s beauty salon-style glittery walls?

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Vesalux Go Glitter paint for walls and other surfaces
Vesalux Go Glitter paint in gold
My husband and I are finally moving into an apartment where we will be for damn near ever and can do whatever we like.

We’ve been wanting to have crazy glitter covered walls in our bedroom forever. We’re talking ’70s beauty salon kind of crazy glittery.

Now that the time has come to do the deed we’re not sure what the best way is to go about it. Product suggestions and technique suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -Haymaker

You know we love us some home-style glitter, but let’s talk about how to add glitter to your abode. Just based on some quick shopping fu I found some products that might get ya glittered up…

Vesalux go glitter paint
Vesalux go glitter paint
The paint from the very first photo was Vesalux Go Glitter paint for walls and other surfaces.

Krylon Glitter BlastLook into Krylon’s Glitter Blast spray paint. Perhaps a blast of this stuff over a base coat could do the trick?

Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Glitter Sand Fabric in bronze
Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Glitter Sand Fabric in bronze

There’s also this Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Glitter Sand Fabric, if you don’t want to paint.

Actually wait: what better way to find out how to make your home salon-wall-glittery than to learn from an actual salon!

Your turn, Homies! Anyone else know how to pull of glitter walls?

Comments on How do we get ’70s beauty salon-style glittery walls?

  1. I would REALLY recommend against adhering glitter to the wall directly — that will be extremely expensive to remove when you do finally move. You are going to want to either spend the money to buy proper glitter wallpaper (expensive), or make your own by applying the glitter to something more easily removable from the walls, like vinyl or fabric sheets.

    • Actually, we won’t be moving, well, probably ever. It would take too long to explain the whole story and go into too much personal detail to, but the building is owned by our family, and we’re in this apartment for good.

      • Sticking some sort of glittery paper or decal or paneling still might be the way to go since it will be more textured than paint and therefore look sparklier. But I do have a friend whose parents had some sort of specialist come in and glitter-blast their ceiling so I’m pretty sure such services do exist… (kind of like a popcorn ceiling, except I think they already had that, and they painted it, and then sprayed glitter on top.)

        I’ve had good luck covering other things with glitter by mixing it into some sort of clear medium (modpodge in my case, but presumably there’s some sort of clear gloss that can work with walls?) You’ll want to use an absolute SHIT TON of glitter though, which might get pricey. Here’s a post on glittering floors, also, if that helps at all…

    • Completely agree. Even if you live there until you’re 88 years old, you may not want glitter walls by the time you are 70. Future self will thank current self for having an easier way to do something she thinks is The New Glitter Walls.

      That being said I now want to glitter up my bathroom walls 🙂

  2. My obsession for glitter wall coverings is paillettes! They’re basically flat, shiny circles (a member of the sequin family.) People attach them with glue, stickpins or tacks. If you Google creatively, I’m sure there’s a way to buy them in bulk. You can polka dot with them, overlap them like fish scales or place them evenly and make totally different looks. Even mix and match colours! LOOOOVE.

    • that stuff really looks like acrylic gloss medium, used by artists/painters and available at any art/craft supply shop – that’s what I’d use for glitter sticking too! Clear archival and flexible, comes in different textures from liquid to more like a paste. I get it from an online store for about thirty bucks a gallon, but it’s also available in much smaller amounts.

  3. The glitter spray paint will not give you the coverage you want – I know from experience. Go with either glitter wallpaper (according to Pinterest, such a thing does exist), or use some sort of clear coat and glitter.
    When I covered a light switch in glitter, I used Mod Podge to glue the glitter on, and then covered the glitter with it as well. It all stuck on. It’s been more than a year, and none has chipped. So whatever you do, definitely put a clear coat on top!

  4. Thank goodness I didn’t know this was an option when I was living in a home I owned! I never would have been able to rent that place out when I left if I had known this was an option!!!

  5. Me and my genius husband (mainly him) gave ourselves a glittery bathroom, complete with day glo bunnies and a more subtle silver effect tile… was considering doing a guest post as it was surprisingly easy and rental friendly! We call it our Vegas bathroom. I took pictures of the process too, but would only be a toned down version of what you want. Good for creative renters though!

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