8 DIY dollar store design hacks on the cheap

This honeycomb painted wall was DIYed with paint stirrers and diluted paint to create that gradient effect. It's just one of the zillion ways you can grab something from your local dollar store to craft up a cheap and cheerful design or organization project.

Here are eight of my favorite ways to turn a cheapo dollar store item into something way more useful and stylish…


Don't judge a cake stand by its color

>Homie, AmalaaFish was gifted a cake stand, and what she did with it has me re-considering how I deal with gifted items that aren't really my style… at first glance. Look at what she did with a can of spray paint.


$7 chair makeover: from meh to OMEHGAWD!

When most people would have walked right past this dull brown $5 chair, Tatum scooped it up and made a huge change for a total of $7! Learn the trick to most budget-friendly furniture makeovers.